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Investing in business resilience has been shown to lead to higher levels of efficiency, lower operating costs and reduced business insurance premiums.

Our core areas of expertise

  • Despite having a plan in place, 1 in 3 businesses fail to recover following a major disruption. Why is this?

    The reality is that simply having a generic incident response plan isn’t enough. To survive in today’s uncertain and ever-changing world, it is essential that organisations protect themselves by maintaining appropriate, individualised arrangements that protect their critical services and key personnel. These arrangements must be tested, practised and embedded within the culture of the organisation for them to be truly effective in the event of a disruption.

    Understanding what is critical to an organisation’s success and knowing how to protect it requires professional knowledge and experience that we at Resilius Consulting have developed over many years. Through skilled investigation and analysis, we can identify what keeps your organisation alive and help you to preserve it when disaster strikes.

  • What takes an organisation years to achieve but only moments to destroy?

    A good reputation is arguably the most valuable asset to an organisation’s future. And yet, all too often following major incidents – from product recalls to data breaches – the instinctive reactions of businesses serve only to damage their credibility further and limit their long-term prospects for survival.

    At Resilius Consulting, we promote a co-ordinated and pro-active approach to crisis response, working with CEOs and senior leaders to improve their real-time decision-making and supporting other key staff through the development of streamlined incident management frameworks. In these ways, we enable our clients to protect their reputations by making the right moves at the right times in the heat of the moment and ensuring their strategic decisions are implemented effectively across their organisations.

  • Did you know that, on average, even small companies lose over $100,000 per ransomware incident? (CNN Money)

    In 2016, data loss and downtime cost organisations $1.7 trillion globally (Dell EMC). Since 2012, data losses are up by 400% with the top causes being hardware and software failures, power outages, data corruption and external security breaches. In such a high risk environment, and given our ever increasing reliance on technology, having reliable arrangements in place to recover your failed IT systems, including regular data backups, is essential if you wish to avoid potentially crippling financial costs and serious damage to your company’s reputation.

    At Resilius Consulting, we will work with you to limit your company’s operational downtime and the impact of any future data loss by devising effective IT disaster recovery plans – incorporating both in-house and out-sourced IT services – and assuring these through a range of fully-facilitated validation activities.

  • According to the Business Continuity Institute, cyber attacks and data breaches are the single greatest threat to today’s organisations. What sensitive information does your company hold? And how well is it protected?

    In one way or another, all organisations hold sensitive data, from employee records to client information. With targeted cyber attacks doubling since 2017 and many organisations neglecting their hard copy data in an increasingly digital workplace, information and cyber security is literally not an area in which your business can afford to fall behind.

    Our specialist team at Resilius Consulting can help: we work with you to identify your unique vulnerabilities and formulate strategies for protecting your data, devising proportionate measures – such as procedural enhancements and staff training – to mitigate your risks and reduce the likelihood of data loss or theft.

  • How well does your organisation meet its customers’ needs? How do you know? Could you be missing out on a competitive advantage?

    The presence of an effective quality management system is increasingly a factor that differentiates industry leaders from the rest of the field. In today’s consumer driven marketplace, with ever-growing levels of legislative and regulatory control, organisations face high expectations both in terms of the way they operate and the quality of their output. In such a climate, ensuring the quality and consistency of your products and services is essential to your long-term survival.

    Resilius Consulting can work alongside you as you navigate the complexities of the quality management process, addressing areas such as leadership, customer focus, relationship management and decision-making. Where required, we can also help you to gain international certifications, evidencing your commitment high standards and meeting the needs of your current and future clients.

What we can do for you

Assurance, audit and compliance

  • Improve the quality of your operations
  • Navigate regulatory standards
  • Report with confidence and transparency

Acting as your critical friend, Resilius Consulting will help you to improve the quality of your operations, navigate current regulatory standards and report with confidence and transparency to your stakeholders on the delivery of your resilience objectives. Our team has considerable experience measuring performance, validating arrangements and helping clients to demonstrate success in a range of complex operating environments. We will work with you to identify opportunities for improvement and support you in achieving your strategic and operational goals with experienced guidance and innovative thinking.

Consultation and advice

  • All aspects of resilience covered
  • Consistently excellent service
  • Fresh strategies and innovative solutions

With decades of specialist training and experience, our in-house team and close network of associates are available to advise you on all aspects of your organisation’s resilience, regardless of your size, location or industry sector. Our talented consultants deliver a consistently excellent service and are committed to supporting you in achieving your strategic and operational goals, including on an ongoing basis. At Resilius Consulting, we are known for our positive partnership working and creative thinking, devising fresh strategies and innovative solutions that ensure success for our clients.

Exercise development and delivery

  • Realistic scenarios, tailored to your organisation
  • Thoroughly test the effectiveness of your arrangements
  • Comprehensive debriefing to maximise development

Whatever aspects of your organisation’s resilience you wish to test – from cyber security to disaster recovery – our experienced team at Resilius Consulting can plan, organise and deliver controlled, immersive validation activities to evaluate the effectiveness of your arrangements. The scenarios we develop are realistic, incorporating secure, pseudo-media content where appropriate, and each will be tailored to your organisation. Post-exercise, we provide comprehensive debriefing and additional support to maximise your development.

Management systems and certification

  • Develop core management systems
  • Achieve (re)certification
  • Set up external and internal audits

At Resilius Consulting, our team can support you with the development of core management systems, policies and governance structures to help you achieve (re)certification in areas such as quality management (ISO 9001), business continuity management (ISO 22301) and information security management (ISO 27001). We can also co-ordinate with external auditors to set up the audit process and support you in between certification periods through a range of maintenance processes, including internal audits.

Managed services

  • Maintain preparedness
  • Reduce your outgoings
  • Alleviate staff pressure

Should you need regular support with your resilience arrangements, reduce your outgoings and alleviate pressure on your in-house staff by allowing our professional team to undertake some or all of your ongoing maintenance and preparedness activities, such as regular disaster recovery testing and staff incident management training. With our expertise, you can be assured that we will keep your organisation ready to respond to incidents and disruptions with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Planning and policy writing

  • Write, review or develop policies
  • Develop integrated documentation
  • Embed and validate resilience arrangements

With vast experience in this area, our team of consultants will enjoy working with you to write, review or develop your organisation’s resilience policies and produce effective, integrated documentation (including but not limited to plans, procedures, checklists, and frameworks) setting out the ways in which your organisation will prepare for, respond to and recover from major disruptions. We can then support you and your staff further through the subsequent embedding and validating of these arrangements through complimentary training and exercise activities.

Project and programme management

  • Extensive leadership and management experience
  • Provide regular updates on deliverables
  • Identify risks and devise creative solutions

With extensive leadership and management experience across the board, our team of consultants have a strong record of leading confidently on packages of work – including complex, multi-stream, inter-agency programmes – using organisational tools and management systems to map out and monitor progress, ensuring satisfactory completion and achievement of objectives. Our effective partnership working means that clients receive regular updates on programme deliverables and our knowledge and experience of associated risks allows us to identify threats in good time and devise creative solutions to mitigate their impact.

Strategic review and capability analysis

  • High-level organisational overviews
  • Key strategic objectives
  • Well-structured programmes of work

At Resilius Consulting, our experienced consultants are adept at conducting high-level organisational overviews, assessing the quality and effectiveness of existing resilience arrangements (plans, policies, validation systems, etc.) and planning for the development of systems and capabilities to achieve clients’ desired levels of preparedness. Working in partnership with our clients, we set strategic objectives that reflect both their risk appetite and the regulatory environment in which they operate and plan structured programmes of work to support them in reaching their goals.

Training and awareness

  • Extensive experience designing and delivering training
  • Tailored professional educational services
  • CPD accredited

With extensive experience designing and delivering training for a wide range of audiences, at Resilius Consulting, we are confident that our highly qualified team of associates can provide your organisation with tailored professional educational services that meet the needs of your staff and enhance the preparedness of your organisation. With prior notice, we are happy to provide CDP accredited training and our partnership working approach means we actively seek participant feedback and evaluation to ensure the quality of our material and delivery remains high and the targets for each session are met.